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  • Is there a difference between the different boxes at each location?
    All boxes are the same. They are numbered differently for availability purposes. For example, if there is no availability at 6:00pm on Box1 at Ala Moana, you can check Box2, Box3, or Box4 to see if there is availability at 6:00pm at Ala Moana.
  • Can I play more than one sport during my reservation?
    When you rent a box, you have access to playing all 9 of our sports. This includes Golf, Baseball, Soccer, Wild West Shooter, Dodgeball, Disc Golf, Foot Golf, and Bowling. It takes 45-60 seconds to change sports.
  • Do I need a reservation?
    Our Aiea location is by reservation only. At Ala Moana, a reservation is recommended but not required. We will seat you based on availability without a reservation. Reservations can be made the same day.
  • What if I have more than 6 people in my group?
    If your group is larger than 6, you can book 2 boxes next to each other. This can be done online or over the phone. For groups larger than 12, we recommend our party packages. See that in the "parties" tab or call 808-341-2964
  • Can I bring my own golf clubs and other equipment?
    Yes, we highly recommend bringing your own golf clubs to get the most accurate yardages, data, and experience. If not, we provide a basic set for all ages.
  • Why is Dole showing a different price than Aiea?
    The price is the exact same at both locations. The difference is that Dole is priced by the half hour, and Aiea is priced by the hour. Ala Moana allows half hour extensions to reservations. At Aiea, it is strictly by the hour.
  • What is included in a box rental?
    Each box includes a sports simulator, equipment for all 9 sports, lounging area, and a coffee table.
  • Can we bring our own food and drinks?
    Yes! Sports Box highly encourages all guests to bring their own food and drinks.
  • Do you charge per person?
    No, we charge a flat rate per box. Each box accommodates a maximum of 6 people total. Players and spectators are included in the count. Children under the age of 3 do not count towards the 6 person count.
  • How do I reserve a Box?
    Click the "Book A Box" button to be directed to our booking site. From there, select the proper location at the top using the drop down menu. You can check available times at different locations and boxes to find your desired start time. Once you select your desired start time, you can select how long you want to reserve on the following page.
  • What sports can I play at your facility?
    You can play Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Bowling, Dodgeball, Disc Golf, Footgolf, Hockey, and Wild West Shooter.
  • Does Sports Box provide all required equipment?
    Yes, we provide all the equipment needed to play all 9 sports for all ages. That doesn't mean that you can't bring your own clubs, bats, or balls though!
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