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Book A Box Online or
Call Us: 808-341-2964

Sports Box is Hawaii's 1st sports simulator designed for entertainment. Enjoy playing 9 different sports! Golf, Baseball, Soccer, Shooting, Hockey, Footgolf, Frisbee Golf, Bowling, and Dodgeball. You don't have to choose, you can play all 9!

To reserve a box, click the "Book A Box" button to be directed to our booking/reservation site. Each "Box" accommodates up to six people with a lounging ambiance.


We pride our selves in our state of the art golf simulator technology. You can play 100 different world renowned golf courses, challenge each other to fun mini games, or dial in your numbers. Whether you are a serious golfer interested in dialing in your numbers, a weekend golfer fitting in an extra round, or never golfed in your life, Sports Box is sure to entertain.


Scratch Golfers, Weekend Warriors, and Beginners welcomed!

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